Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seek & Destroy

This is an ex-AHDRA bike i picked up a few years ago. When we got it, the bike had been sitting in the corner of a body shop going to waste. It wasn't running, had a hole in the gas tank, tires were dry rotted, and a fried ignition to name a few..... So first thing we did was go through the bike and get it running again. Next, we tossed the stepped drag pipes and made our own custom 2 into 1 with a closed end cap to quieten it down a bit yet still perform well. I wanted to make it a little more streetable so i took the Super D carb off and put on a Super G for blasting around town. The bike had a good foundation to begin with. We just made a few tweaks here and there and appropriately named the FXDX "Seek & Destroy"......

It's for sale if anyone's interested hit me up

Just a few of the specs...

Built to the hilt 131" Twin Cam with Axtell cylinders and Jim internals
Jims Fat 5 tranny
Inverted Race frontend
RC Component racing wheels
Brembo hand controls
Magura slave cylinder
S&S G carb
Magura 1/4 turn throttle
Custom aluminum swingarm
Custom 2 into 1 exhaust
Paint by Boosted Brad's
Ceramic coating and powdercoat by Chewy's Powdercoating

Here's a pic of it during it's race days without the wheelie bar and Super D


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